The Glarnerland sewage treatment plant is also an energy park

The WWTP Glarnerland in Bilten wants to become an energy park. As part of the ongoing overall renovation and in order to increase the degree of self-sufficiency, the HORIZON solar folding roof was implemented and officially put into operation in January 2021.

Excerpt from the minutes of the community meeting on the credit application: "(...) A solar folding roof is considerably cheaper than a fixed installation, and it also offers more flexibility with regard to future basin installations. The pools and their maintenance are not hindered by the system, and any necessary renovations do not require dismantling. The investment costs would be comparatively low and the solution would be very space-saving."

The solar folding roof floats over an area of 5,600 suqare meters above the biology/post-treatment basins and the pre-treatment/rainwater basins. With 817.9 kWp of installed capacity and a yield of 700 MWh, the solar folding roof in Bilten is the largest project completed to date. In combination with the already existing combined heat and power plant, the entire WWTP is self-sufficient in terms of energy balance.