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Solar folding roofs for 45 motorway rest areas

The expansion of photovoltaics in Switzerland plays a decisive role in the implementation of the energy turnaround and is an important component of the Energy Strategy 2050 for the Federal Council. One way to promote solar energy is to install photovoltaic systems along Swiss motorways.

aventron and the companies BG Consulting Engineers AG, Cargo sous terrain and dhp technology are joining forces to equip a total of 45 FEDRO motorway rest areas in French-speaking Switzerland and the cantons of Valais and Bern with innovative photovoltaic systems

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Media release 22 August 2023

ABCD-Horizon consortium — who is behind it?


is an established producer of electricity from renewable energies. The company acquires and operates power plants in the areas of hydro, solar and wind power in Switzerland and selected European countries. In the medium term, the company plans to build up a diversified and balanced portfolio of renewable energies with a total installed capacity of 1000 megawatts and thus become a leading operator of decentralised power plants in Switzerland and Europe. aventron AG offers an attractive investment opportunity in energy infrastructure for long-term investors.

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BG Consulting Engineers AG

Recognised for its expertise in prestigious projects such as the Lyon-Turin Base Tunnel, the Grand Paris Express, the Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne, the Institut Curie in Paris and the Stade de Suisse, the BG Group has decided to join forces with WSP Global. In Europe alone, there are 15,000 professionals committed to inventing the transport infrastructures, energy networks, sustainable cities and territories of tomorrow. Drawing on our talents as engineers, designers and visionaries, we are pursuing an ambitious strategy to decarbonise the construction sector and digitise our businesses.

Cargo sous terrain CST

From 2031, CST will provide Switzerland with an automated overall logistics system that will ensure punctual deliveries of goods. The backbone of the system is a 490-km tunnel system from Geneva to St. Gallen and from Basel to Lucerne, with an additional branch connecting Berne with Thun. The first section runs from Härkingen to Zurich Airport (74 km). The CST surface logistics system ties in seamlessly with the bundled tunnel access to the cities and uses synergies in above-ground supply and disposal.


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dhp technology

The young Swiss company develops and builds the worldwide unique solar folding roof HORIZON. In 2017/18, the pilot project was put into operation above the sewage treatment plant in Chur. Meanwhile, a further 15 systems are in operation. By the end of 2023, the first systems in Germany will go into operation, as well as a further eight systems in Switzerland. The solar folding roof was supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the Swiss Climate Foundation and the European Commission. In 2019, it won the Watt d'Or and the Swiss Solar Prize as well as the Swiss Future Prize 2021.

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