The HORIZON solar folding roof - unique worldwide and winner of several awards

For the first time in the world, the solar folding roof HORIZON enables a true dual use of industrial and traffic areas for solar power production. The primary use is not restricted in any way. This not only conserves soil and space, but also increases the economic efficiency of the area through the use of synergies.

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Patented folding mechanism

The core technology of the solar folding roof is an aesthetic lightweight construction with a rope-based supporting structure concept and a patented folding mechanism. This allows very wide distances between supports and a great height above the ground. This allows - even large - vehicles, operation and maintenance full freedom of movement.
At the same time, the use of materials is reduced by up to 50% compared to comparable fixed systems.

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Glass-free lightweight modules

The modules used are glass-free and the weight is significantly lower than that of conventional modules. This facilitates integration into the folding roof. The light modules have identical performance data as conventional modules.



Cableway technology

The solar folding roof uses the advantages of cableway technology, whereby the modules are suspended from cables in so-called folding roof groups. The movable components are made of stainless steel or special plastics; galvanised steel with an additional coating against rust forms the supporting structure.

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Weather algorithm

The modules, stabilised on a steel frame, are not stressed by extending and retracting - on the contrary: thanks to the integrated weather algorithm, HORIZON automatically moves into a protected position in the event of strong winds, hail or snowfall.

In snowy regions, solar power can thus also be produced in winter.

The advantages

compared to conventional, fixed PV systems


More ecological & more cost-effective

Thanks to the lightweight construction, 50% less material is used than with fixed systems. This is not only more ecological but also more cost-effective.

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Modular extension

The solar folding roof is designed as a modular system and can be extended as required.


Enhances the facility

The elegant and shapely design of HORIZON enhances industrially used areas. This is infrastructure-integrated photovoltaics at its best.

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