Start here your solar folding roof project!

Our online solar folding roof calculator calculates the installable output in kWp, the system price and the annual electricity yield according to your specifications. You will receive a free, non-binding initial assessment of whether your sewage treatment plant, parking area, logistics area, etc. is suitable for a solar folding roof.

Please note:

  • The minimum size for a solar folding roof is 1,500 m2.

    Tip: How to calculate the size of your area in >Google Maps: Enter the address or coordinates of the area. Right-click on a corner and select "Measure distance". The total area in m2 is now displayed in the small window below.

  • The area to be covered must be rectangular or L-shaped. Other shapes cannot be considered.

  • The solar calculator takes into account the irradiation data in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
  • Alternatively and for other locations start a project inquiry here: