The managers of ARA Seez in Flums have set themselves the goal of energy self-sufficiency. In fact, the vision is for the ARA to become energy self-sufficient at all times in the future in terms of electricity, heat and mobility, and not just via the annual balance sheet. For this reason, great attention has been paid to energy efficiency and increasing renewable energy production. With the investments made in recent years, the Seez WWTP is currently one of the most modern wastewater treatment plants in Switzerland. The Seez WWTP was awarded the coveted "Médaille d'eau".

As one measure of this environmental vision, a folding solar roof with 728 modules and an output of 237 kWp was built over an area of 1,425 m². On a sunny day, 1,500 kWh of energy can be produced, and on a rainy day another 300 kWh. Together with the new combined heat and power plant, ARA Seez generates around 10 to 20 percent more electricity than it consumes throughout the year.