WWTP Romanshorn (TG)

The Romanshorn Regional Wastewater Association purifies wastewater from the municipalities of Romanshorn, Salmsach and Neukirch-Egnach. The main objectives of the Romanshorn wastewater treatment plant are to reduce the negative effects of the wastewater on water bodies and the environment, to ensure environmentally friendly and efficient disposal and to recycle the sewage materials.

Romanshorn and Egnach as “energy cities” promote the local production of electricity and support its expansion. With their exemplary function, Romanshorn region wants to set a strong signal for sustainability. In September 2018 it was decided to install the HORIZON solar folding roof from dhp technology for the company’s own electricity production. The new solar power plant was commissioned in August 2020 and was proudly presented to the public at an open day.