Pilot project WWTP Chur

The solar folding roof project above the open clarifiers of the wastewater treatment plant in Chur was a worldwide innovation and exemplifies how the self-sufficiency of municipal infrastructure can be greatly increased in an economical way. The solar folding roof produces approx. 550,000 kWh of solar electricity per year on approx. 4,100 m2 with an output of 643 kWp, which corresponds to the consumption of approx. 120 households.

The wastewater treatment plant can consume practically 100% of the solar electricity directly itself, thus relieving the electricity grid. The solar power covers about 20% of the annual demand and increases the degree of self-sufficiency to over 50%. This is in line with the trend, as wastewater treatment requires enormous amounts of electricity, and with the solar folding roof, this can be produced to a large extent by each wastewater treatment plant itself.