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HORIZON Above Parking Lots

HORIZON makes it possible to use large areas twice.

HORIZON is ideally suited for solar energy production over parking areas (carports). In comparison with normal carport systems, HORIZON ofers important advantages:

  • its foldable solar roof protects vehicles, people and goods from the sun
  • it is completely retractable, which ensures there are no restrictions in maintenance work on the parking area and also protects the roof from acts of vandalism during the night
  • designers and architects are free to choose and customize the material, form and color of the supporting structure
  • with the same investment, compared to conventional carports, HORIZON offers double performance (kW/m2) while cutting material requirements in half
  • no restrictions on either cars or trucks thanks to the wide gaps between supporting columns of 25m x 17m and the clear height of 4.3m
  • parking area remains free of ice as temporary retraction of the foldable solar roof permits exposure to the sun
  • snow clearance can be accomplished without hindrance with a retracted solar roof
  • the supporting structure contains a charging point for electric vehicles, which can be integrated without any further engineering works

HORIZON, the foldable solar roof, as seen when folded up:


HORIZON over Waste Water Treatment Plants

Waste water treatment plants use vast amounts of electricity. The power needed can be produced on the spot, dramatically raising energy efficiency.

HORIZON presents the ideal solution for installations over settling basins:

  • no restrictions on circulation routes across the plant thanks to light construction and slim columns set wide apart
  • no obstacles to maintenance works on the waste water treatment plant and on machinery such as scrapers and aerators thanks to the retractable roof
  • roofing during the post-clarifying phase reduces algae production – this, in turn, lowers maintenance requirements
  • 100% self-sufficiency: where electricity requirements are consistent, off-grid self-sufficiency of up to 100% is possible
  • HORIZON is specifically designed to allow for unrestricted freedom of movement between settling basins

dhp technology spearheads a research project on the durability of solar installations within the operational context of waste water treatment plants with a pilot project in the Swiss Canton of Grisons and in collaboration with its partners reech GmbH, SUPSI, EAWAG, Hunziker Betatech, SGK.


Foldable Power Plant

Foldable Power Plant

HORIZON – the flexible solar folding roof by dhp technology AG

HORIZON is a solar folding roof system which turn parking lots and logistics areas into electric power plants. HORIZON unfolds when the sun shines and automatically retracts into a storage unit afterwards.

With its lightweight construction consisting of supporting columns set wide apart at 17 x 25 meters at a height of five meters, HORIZON allows for unrestricted freedom of movement underneath the roof.

HORIZON’s patented system protects itself from weather, dirt and vandalism and it has proven itself technically, esthetically and economically.

Five Sound Reasons

HORIZON reinvents solar energy power plants

  • HORIZON produces power right where it is used: in industrial quarters, shopping malls, residential areas.
  • Thanks to HORIZON, the solar energy plant does not take up any space as it is mounted above areas already developed, such as parking lots.
  • Space, a valuable and limited resource, is thus protected and infrastrucutre costs are kept to a minimum.
  • HORIZON is scalable – a basic unit measures 50 meters in length and 17 meters in width and this can be extended freely.
  • HORIZON allows for customized design, meaning architects and builders can integrate it into their projects seamlessly.

Have a look at our pilot plant video!

About us

dhp technology - energy for mankind

dhp technology is a startup company active in the energy business. Our motto ENERGY FOR MANKIND reflects our vision for a contemporary power supply that reconciles environmental, societal and economic concerns. We challenge ourselves to think differently by prioritizing sustainability and creating value locally. Our solutions are profitable, reduce oil dependence and protecte scarce resources.

The company was founded in April 2015 in Gruesch, in the Canton of Grisons, and is being managed by its founding partners Andreas Hügli and Gian Andri Diem.

The Team

The Team

Since its foundation, the team of dhp technology AG has grown:
picture from left to right
Gian Andri Diem – Managing director
Fabian Vogelbacher – Application & project planning
Frederik Gort – Project planning
Tina Gianola – Administration & Marketing
Niko Sinogowitz – Engineering
Andreas Hügli – Managing director

Gian Andri Diem

Gian Andri Diem

  • degree in business administration from the University of St. Gallen, HSG, Switzerland
  • various positions at EGL AG and Repower AG, working on energy trade and market development, dealin gwith production, trade, distribution and grid, smart grid, electric mobility and decentralized energy production
  • launch of “Team Red”, project management and consulting for energy suppliers in the area of new business models, products and services
  • expertise in project management, innovation management, strategic company development, business model development, market trends and product and services design
Andreas Hügli

Andreas Hügli

  • degree in mechanical engineering; executive MBA
  • various posts in mechanical engineering and process engineering concerning semiconductor and microsystems engineering, photovoltaic modules manufacturing (Balzers Process Systems, SensoNor, Oerlikon Solar), project development, design and implementation of solar power plants (energiebüro)
  • launch of reech GmbH, engineering office specializing in photovoltaics, photovoltaic product development for industrial clients and solar power plant design
  • expertise in technology management, project development, designing and troubleshooting photovoltaic structures, process development for photovoltaic modules manufacturing and lifespan testing



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Co-funded by the

Co-funded by the "Horizon 2020" programme of the European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 808777

dhp technology goes Korea

Korea is an ideal HORIZON country. 50 million people living on one area, 2.5 times the area of Switzerland. So densely populated, that the double use of areas for solar power production is simply a perfect solution. For this reason we traveled to Korea to the energy trade fair BIXPO to exhibit the HORIZON system together with our Korean partner Hanil Co., Ltd and to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. This will pave the way for our further cooperation with Hanil. Our market entry in Korea is accompanied and supported by Swiss Global Enterprise (formerly Osec). We would like to thank to S-GE for the professional and effective cooperation!

> click to read the S-GE article


ENGIE energy efficiency award

10 November 2016 – In early November, around 400 decision-makers and thought leaders from economy, politic and education met at the third ENGIE energy efficiency forum. They discussed how energy future can be shaped with economic and environmentally friendly solutions. As part of the event, our innovative solar folding roof  HORIZON received the “ENGIE energy efficiency award”.

press release (german)

ENGIE Blog (german) »


Newspaper Article by the "Bündner Tagblatt"

September 13, 2016 – The “Bündner Tagblatt” published an article on our foldable solar roof HORIZON (in German)
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We are very happy and proud about winning the "Generation Future" category of the Prix ECO 2016, Switzerland's sustainability award

May 27, 2016 – Thanks to our unique foldable solar roof HORIZON, we managed to win over not only the Prix ECO jury but also online voters, as well as the audience at the award show where we presented our environmental innovation.

The foldable solar roof HORIZON turns parkin gand logistics areas into solar power plants and, furthermore, provides valuable shade. HORIZON allows for dual use of space, it offers a ready solution for conflicts of intrest related to land-use planning and, last but not least, it adds charging points for electric vehicles.